Helen Thomas was right! The Jews should get the hell out of Palestine!

The Yemeni Jews in Pictures

Please take a good look at the Yemeni pictures and tell me if any of the genuine original Jews of the Middle East resemble the former Khazars of Europe who converted to Judaism in the 9th century and now refer to themselves as 'Jews' and also claim to be the descendants of the biblical 'Israelites'. Is it possible the Yemeni Jews could have any genetic relation to Anglo Jews? The obvious answer is: NO! A picture is indeed worth a thousand words!

Here is a genuine Anglo-Jew by the name of Michael Oren (Bornstein), an American Jew who went to Palestine at the of 25, metamorphed into 'Israeli', changed his name to 'Oren' and is now (2009) back in the US as the 'Ambassador' of stolen Palestine. I post his picture first to show how differt Anglo-Jews are from the indegenios people of the region and how alien they are to Arab Palestine.

The word 'Allah' in Arabic is displayed in a Yemeni Jews' home. Arab Muslims, Arab Chrisians and Arab Jews referred to God as 'Allah'. It simply means God. But Anglo-Jews had been deceiving the gullible goyim that 'Allah' is only the Muslims' God. Not True!

Arab Jews do share culture, language, and customs with their Arab Muslim brothers. The Anglo Jews would are about to make the Yemeni Jews endangered species, in that they seek to eradicate any memories of any Arabs Jews having ever existed by luring them with their abundance of gold to stampede to Palestine

Yemeni Jews in support of the current regime. Can anyone spot among the Yemeni Jews anyone who resembles the Anglo Jews? Of course not!

The two Anglo Ashkenazi Jews took advantage of a crazed Yemeni man who shot and killed a Yemeni Jew during Int'l Jewry's holocaust on the people of Gaza. The Yemeni children have already been transformed into the image of the Ango-Jew; western clothes and in a little while they will forget their own Arabic language and will begin to stutter and stammer in an ancient language of Hebrew. Ashkenazi Jews have ZERO interest in black Jews!

Transformed! The Anglo Jews changed the Yemeni family attire to Western, i.e. making the Yemeni Jews in the Anglo Jews' image. What a tragedy! The Yemeni Jews are losing their original identiy. They are on their way to Palestine to be the future killers of their own brothers, the Palestinian Aarbs.

Stolen Palestine is beckoning to these Yemeni Jews

Saying goodbye to their Yemen and hello to stolen Palestine. Overnight, the Yemeni Jews were transormed!