Helen Thomas was right! The Jews should get the hell out of Palestine!

Divide, undermine and conquer. This is a stunning report about Yemen, very long, but worth spending the time reading. "Israel" would like to see Yemen resemble Iraq!

A great blog about Yemen.

Scapegoats and scaremongers: the deceptions and hidden motives in the US government and US media response to the plot to set off a bomb on a plane bound for Detroit.

Threats to Yemen prove America hasn't learned the lesson of history!

Yemen in the crosshairs: THE U.S. government had a terrifying New Year's message for the people of Yemen--you are our targets this year!

Obama administration prepares public opinion for attack on Yemen

Yemeni Jews in Pictures. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Air raid kills 80 Yemeni civilians: A Yemeni government air strike has killed scores of displaced civilians, mostly women and children, in the war-torn Amran province

Arab constitutional manipulations. In efforts to bolster their autocratic rule, Arab regimes appear frequently ready to shred their constitutions

Corruption stories miss Yemeni media. Independent newspapers are not reporting enough on corruption issues

Demands for division convulse Yemen. With growing unrest in the south, there is fear Yemen’s unity is in jeopardy

Ending the conflict. Yemen is at war again after a one-year truce with the Al-Houthi rebels in the north of the country

Even mountains erode: Putting off urgent reforms in Yemen is reinvigorating the secessionists

Ex-Yemen president was once trainee rabbi

26 April 2000: Successive visits by at least four groups of Israeli tourists to Yemen over the past few weeks sparked strong criticism against the government by opposition groups who said the visits were the first step towards normalising relations with Israel.

Houthi fighters, who are engaged in heavy fighting with government forces in northern Yemen, say the army is bombing civilian areas

Yemen is struggling with a rebellion in the north, an expanding secessionist movement in the south, and growing disappointment among people nationwide.

12 Sep 2009: As clashes intensify, Yemeni Zeidi Shia fighters say they have seized a military base, army weapons and arrested 85 soldiers.

Israel, piracy and the Red Sea:Beneath the surface of daring maritime hijackings, a larger agenda appears to be in play (24 December 2008)

No end in sight: Al-Houthi rebels fighting the security forces in northern Yemen this week refused a government offer of a ceasefire

Not so happy in Yemen: As delegates from across the Arab world flocked into the capital Sanaa to attend the 19th Arab National Congress the local press was fixated on the explosive situation in the north, where Houthi fighters clashed with the army in Saada.

16 September 2009 What became of the Arab state? In one way or another, it has managed not just to fail, but to fail miserably

16 September 2009 With conflict intensifying between the Yemeni government and the Al-Houthi rebels, it seems that both sides are digging in their heels for a war of attrition

25 November 2009: Strained Iranian-Saudi relations over events in Yemen threaten to embroil the region in another wave of sectarian tension.

19 August 2009: Tensions escalate in Yemen. The Yemeni political scene remains fractious and deadlocked, with the public weary of party conflict.

Nov 11, 2009: The hidden war: Saudi observer described as "a hidden war" against Iran by Saudi Arabia, aimed at influencing alliance making in the region

The Yemen trap: Imperialist Europe, having succeeded in implanting Israel in the Arab world and having recognised the state on 15 May 1948, also colluded in securing the defeat of the Arab armies

Dec 23, 2009: The leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are assuring Yemen they will provide it with all kinds of support to confront Al-Houthi rebels to preserve the unity

Jan 10, 2009: Yemen begins trial of 3 men accused of spying for Israel. A Yemeni state security court on Saturday began the trial of three young countrymen accused of spying for Israel.

Sept 15, 2009: Yemen forces kill 31 fighters in north

14 March 2007. Yemen locks down: Al-Ahram:As armed rebellion against the Yemeni government continues in Saada

7 October 2009: As the conflict in Yemen intensifies, attention is turning to the growing number of civilian casualties

14 July 2004: The battle between Yemeni forces and Shia militants in the north of the country rages on

13 May 2009: State corruption and unheard grievances have Yemen on the edge of a secessionist civil war

Sept 17, 2009: Air raid on refugees kills 87 in Yemen, the camp was taken by surprise by the air force bombing them