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2012-01-08 Private security and 'the Israelites of Latin America'. Global CST is assisting with dirty work in Colombia previously monopolised by the United States (reports Al-Jazeera).
2010-05-06 Click here to read the artcile that I am threatened with a lawsuit to remove it!
2012-01-05 Email exchanges between I and the ZIV lawyers who are demanding that I remove an article from my website
2012-01-05 Global CST: Here is a list of the Forbidden Articles. You will receive an email of intimidation to remove them if you do dare to post them!
2011-05-09 WikiLeaks: U.S. saw Israeli firm's rise in Latin America as a threat against American interests.
2011-04-13 U.S. scuppered Israeli security firm's South American plans
2011-03-07 Mercenary company CST Global and war criminal Israel Ziv write to Voltaire Network
2011-03-05 Israel flies to the rescue of Khadafi, reaping millions!
2011-03-02 Israel provides henchmen for Gaddafi
2010-02-10 Wikileaks cable 10PANAMA61. Govt of Panama leaders scrapped their dealings with Global CST after being advised of the USG's experience with Global CST in Colombia and Ecuador
2009-12-31 Guinea: Inside Intel / Bloody business in Africa: Ziv and Global CST were suspected of acquring a $10 million contract to train and supply Guinea's army.
2009-12-15 Govt of Panama Suspends Discussions With Security Firm Global Cst. Wikileaks cable # 09PANAMA881. classification: SECRET.
2009-12-15 Wikileaks cable Reference 09PANAMA879. American Ambassador in Panama expresses grave concern to Panamanian officials about Israeli firm Global CST competing and winning contracts against American interests. This a great read!
2009-12-15 Government of Panama Suspends Discussions With Security Firm Global CST. 2009, Dec 15. Wikileaks 09PANAMA881
2009-12-01 Colombian Defense Ministry Sours On Israeli Defense Firm. Wikileaks #09BOGOTA715. Classified: SECRET
2009-11-05 Israel increases its presence in Latin America.
2009-06-08 Almost all Israeli activity in Africa is related to weapons exports. Israelis have been involved in civil wars in Africa and in aiding dictatorial regimes.
2009-03-04 In August 2007 President Uribe of Columbia hired an Israeli firm -Global CST- to help supress the Columbian people. Wikileaks # 09BOGOTA3483.
2008-11-07 Colombia's Relations With Israel. WIKILEAKS # 08BOGOTA4036. Classified: SECRET
2008-08-11 IDF vets who trained Georgia troops say war with Russia is no surprise and that Georgian trainees "were 'excited we came to help"!
2008-07-04 Colombia hostage rescue: the Israeli angle. Faking a hostage crisis in order to gain access to Colombian contract
2008-04-04 Israel in Colombia: Death Do We Impart! Must read!
2003-06-05 Israelis to train Equatorial Guinea presidential guard