Noam Chomsky: Emotional Zionist

Noam Chomsky - Green Snake Numero Uno! What most people do not know is that Chomsky is a devoted and Emotional Zionist Jew who had made plans to move with his Jewish family to Palestine feeling entitled to be a colonizer of Arabs based on his 'Jewishness'. He was for sanction and for boycott against apartheid South Africa, but not against his own people! Watch out!

"I inevitably view the continuing conflict from a very specific point of view, colored by these personal relationships. Perhaps this personal history distorts my perspective." Chomsky

Watch this video and there shall remain no doubt whatsoever that Chomsky is a hardcore Zionist.
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July 8, 2010: Noam Chomsky opposes Palestinian-led movement to boycott Israel. Watch video or read the transcript of Chomsky's interview by Alison Weir.

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