Alex Jones - Obnoxious!

alex jones

Alex Jones never interested me. I did listen to a few of his programs ages ago and I determined that he was engaged in "Deception by Omission'! For all the hollering and shouting the he does, he never had the nerve to call a spade a spade. One way that I can assess if one has the courage to speak out is if one has the courage to utter the word 'Jew'. I don't ever remember him addressing 'The Jewish Question' or Jewish hands vis--vis 9-11. This loudmouth also did tell the world that Arabs and not Jews own Hollywood. Hello! He is not that ignorant to believe that non-sense. It is like saying that Arabs own the shops in Chinatown. But he had the odosity to say it, because he does not allow the info to process in his head before he starts shooting though his mouth! Obnoxious! Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video of this Obnoxious and it was dazzling! The Obnoxious never seems to be aware of his own obnoxiousness! The guest on this show is someone for whom I have a great deal of respect: Kurt Nimmo. I have saved on my hard drive at least 1000 of his Nimmo's articles and I am (and have been) in the process of archiving them on my blog. Kurt Nimmo found himself in very dangerous situation for his outspokenness and I might add candor. American Jews traced where his wife worked and approached her and scared her to death. The message was for her husband to quit his blog. He did! He sent emails to some of us who were on his email list and told us why he was abandoning his blog. I remember being shaken by the news. Of course, Kurt Nimmo was great and I would have liked for his blog to continue. But the main issue that made me so angry was his admission to his email list as to what the reason was. In other words, he was waving the white flag in the direction of Jewry as he abandoned his blog. I wrote to him a very angry email! I asked him how then would those who are outspoken critics of the Jews' little malignant tumor stuck in the heart of the Arab world continue to dare to speak in light of acknowledgement from Nimmo that Jews had intimidated him into quitting his blog? I wanted him to just turn off his blog and go into the sunset without admitting as to what caused it. He did come back and started blogging for a while and then finally shut it down without any notice to his readers. He had joined Alex Jones. I have read Nimmo's articles, I have in the past listened to a couple of audio programs, but this would be the first time that I was able to watch Nimmo in video. I came to learn through this video that Nimmo is indeed hired to work for Alex Jones. When you watch this video, I think you will agree with me that these are two individuals who appear to be the opposites of each other. One is Obnoxious, conceited, a loudmouth and the other is calm, thoughtful, patient and considerate. I don't need to tell you which one is which. Nimmo hardly gets a chance to speak in this video, as the Obnoxious loves to hear his own voice more than anyone else's. I also noticed how the Obnoxious was attempting to be 'cute' when he was mimicking the sounds of some people; his body language was tough to take, specially considering that he is so bulky! I then began to wonder: What brought a great person such as Kurt Nimmo in the direction of the Obnoxious? Was it money? The website of the Obnoxious looks like walking into the casinos, it is saturated with so many ads: top, bottom, left, right, center!

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